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molibso dyneos RUN

Solid, easy to handle and a dynamic design. molibso dyneos RUN combines video footage with pressure measurement. This allows measurement of pressure distribution, roll off behavior and stability with just a few steps providing data which is decisive for qualified guidance in shoe fitting. Embedded in an elegant design which can be customized for every company and its individual philosophy.

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Pressure measurement platform

The heart of molibso dyneos is the calibrated pressure measurement platform, which is assembled with capacitive sensors. molibso provides one of the largest varieties in the market, to be able to serve diverse fields of application. Starting from the platform version with a length of 0.7 m (27.56 Inches), we are able to display up to 6 m (236.22 Inches) of walking or running distance. By default, the RUN-systems are available in the following configurations:

molibso dyneos RUN 0.7 basic – 71cm x 50cm x 2,1cm / 27,95" x 19,68" x 0,83" (L x W x H) | 1.776 sensors | 100 Hz

molibso dyneos RUN 1.5 basic – 150cm x 50cm x 2,1cm / 59,05" x 19,68" x 0,83" (L x W x H) | 4.070 sensors | 100 Hz

molibso dyneos RUN 2 high performance – 212cm x 60,5cm x 2,1cm / 83,46" x 23,82" x 0,83" (L x W x H) | 15.360 sensors | 100 Hz | 200 Hz*

molibso dyneos RUN 3 superior performance – 307cm x 60,5cm x 2,1cm / 120,86" x 23,82" x 0,83" (L x W x H) | 22.528 sensors | 100 Hz




A dynamically designed aluminium frame with individual ornamental elements protects the system and guides the customer securely over the pressure measurement platform. In addition, the frame hides the cables and can be highlighted with a LED-design light with individual light control. The LED-light sparks with a spotless light and makes molibso dyneos an optical highlight.


Leveled walking plate

To achieve a natural walking pattern, the leveled walking plate is crucial. It consists of a walk on- and a walk off plate. The direction of running or walking can be varied, to analyse the customer's frontal and dorsal after the measurement via video footage.



It's your decision. The design of molibso dyneos depends on your wishes only. The material and colours can be designed in correspondence to your corporate identity. Therefore molibso dyneos integrates harmonically in the appearance of your store and becomes an appealing center of attraction for users and customers. The prominent, rounded design can be made out of foil-coated acrylic glass, metal or wood.



The Full HD USB-camera allows you to record high-definition video footage in a quick and easy way. Even the finest details in the movement are made visible by synchronising automatically with the pressure distribution.



molibso dyneos can be handled by one finger only. We developed the software in a way, that you can spare a separate mouse and keyboard. Every feature is touch-optimized and ensures a quick and smooth work flow. The 23" Multitouch full HD display shows every detail of the analysis to you and your customer and supports you in finding the best suited product.



With the purchase of molibso dyneos, you receive an iPad with the pre-installed dyneos-software. This makes the guidance- and sales process more flexible. This allows you to keep the consulting of the customer free from one certain area in the store.


molibso dyneos control station

The post of the control station is made out of an aluminium frame construction and is especially solid and stable. The elegant design of the control station hides all the electronic parts while still being easily accessible for maintenance. Straight structures merge with curved elements, which is symbolic for the molibso-typical symbiosis of technology and design.



The molibso-software reduces the complexity of the measurable aspects to a level which is comprehensible and easy to handle. Thereby, we focus on the soundness of movement science, because we analyse the movement in multiple dimensions and put its elements in relation to each other. As a result, you gain a complex image of the movement, which is displayed simply and leads to a distinct conclusion.

Our main goal is to underline the competence of the seller by offering flexibility and individuality for an authentic consulting of the customer. The dynamic pressure measurement is displayed aside the video footage. By analysing the video footage, you can evaluate the axis of the legs and the rotation of the foot; the images of the pressure measurement provide information about the pressure distribution and gait line of the foot and/or the shoe.

Moreover, the possibility of collecting, examining and administrating customer data allows you to establish a long-term customer loyality and -consulting.

molibso dyneos versions

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