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We don't leave you on your own with your new product. Instead we lend you our continuous support to incorporate molibso dyneos into your company. We want to help provide the next level for your company with our multi-year experience in marketing and sales.


For us, it is necessary to emphasize the advantages of the "offline-shoe-purchase". Competent guidance and interpersonal instincts are major aspects, which can not be accomplished by the internet. The gait analysis by molibso dyneos provides an essential surplus value, which we want to encourage in cooperation with your company.


According to the qualification profiles of your employees, our molibso dyneos systems are embedded into your work flow in order for them to be included naturally in the process of the customer pitch. The goal is to provide a sales experience to the customer and employee.


molibso dyneos helps you saving money. You can improve your strategic purchase because the data you receive will show, which shoe type is barely recommended and therefore not needed. Furthermore, we advise you in terms of logistics and the improvement of supply chain performance. Marketing and the store appearance in terms of color round off our consulting.

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