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molibso Research

Research and development activities

What we do

We are involved in various projects with which we are expanding our competencies. Our priority is to make the best technology on the market even better. We are interested in the deeper relationships between biomechanics, pressure distribution and the various measurement technologies available on the market.

In the field of motion analysis in particular, there is still a wide range of topics that have not yet been examined. molibso develops these topics through its own patents and cooperation with leading companies and research institutions.

Together with top athletes, therapists and researchers, we are developing new concepts to further optimize the interaction between human biomechanics and equipment.

If you have a deeper interest in our activities or would like to cooperate with us on development, we look forward to hearing from you.


We are working to make running and movement in footwear better. With the help of our partners in biomechanics and shoe development, we are developing new models with which we can interpret the movement behaviour of a shoe under the individual strain of a runner.

The findings flow directly into the molibso dyneos RUN software and the 3F workflow is a direct implementation of the results from a large study conducted with running shoes. As a molibso customer, you benefit from the latest findings for your daily work.

Winter sports

As a partner of Team Snowstorm, our technology contributes to increasing ski performance. We observe the influence of the pressure distribution on the friction behaviour of the skis in downhill and cross-country skiing. We determine to what extent the biomechanics of the runner have an influence on the pressure distribution in the standing position and in the dynamics. We also search for optimal material-runner pairs and support the optimization of the position on the ski.

The Snowstorm team itself is a consortium of companies and research institutions under the auspices of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Scherge, head of the Tribology business unit at the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM.

You can find more about Snowstorm at